Gas Monitoring Systems with MSR Electronic

MSR Electronic for perfect solutions in Gas detection.

  • Innovative and creative products
  • Reliable in price, quality and availability
  • Respect and responsibility to the customer and business partners
  • Motivation and pleasure in the product
  • Open-mind about new needs and markets

These are the factors having mainly influenced and still influencing the thinking and actions of MSR on its successful journey to national innovation, as well as to offer need-oriented solutions in gas warning systems. Whether for commercial or for industrial applications – for combustible or toxic gases – MSR Electronic only uses well proven, but innovative technology.

Trinity Energy Innovations Inc. holds the exclusivity for Canadian distribution of MSR Electronic product line.

MSR Electronic
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New Certifications for MSR Electronic

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Wind and Solar Energy with Enerdynamic Systems Inc.

Trinity Energy Innovations is committed to a bright enviromental future by the reduction of greenhouse gases. We have invested substantial time, energy and funds in pursuing our goal and the provision of wind energy to our clients. Trinity Energy Innovations Inc can provide you with your complete wind energy strategy and plan, including custom design and manufacturing. We will carry your alternate energy project through from conception to completion.

Trinity Energy Innovations is a significant shareholder, licensed worldwide provider and installer of Enerdynamic Systems Inc and Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Inc.

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Energy Controller Products with KVAR EC

The KVAR EC® Controller is an electromagnetic control system that reduces the amount of non-productive current in your existing electrical system. It helps to significantly reduce electrical costs and pollution from energy generated by the utility companies. KVAR® EC will reduce demand at the meter by reducing lost and wasted power, plus it will reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment life by reducing heat.

The KVAR EC® is used for inductive load applications such as:

  • Fan motors
  • Pump motors
  • Compressors

Trinity Energy Innovations Inc. is an authorized Canadian distributor of KVAR EC® Energy Controller Products.

KVAR Energy Controller
Product line
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